Sexual Trauma is something that touches the majority of people’s lives, whether we have experienced it ourselves, or we are carrying the trauma our DNA, or from a previous lifetime or taken it on from society/ the collective. Even if we are not carrying the imprint of this trauma, is can affect our lives through someone we know and love experiencing it.
Every 98 seconds, a person in American is sexually assaulted. And every 8 minutes, that victim is a child. And these are just the reported incidences in the US.
Experiencing sexual trauma and abuse has deep and long lasting results, affecting our relationships, our health, even our ability to function in daily life. Unlike so many other crimes, sexual abuse and trauma also carries with it painful shame and guilt. Shame and guilt are THE LOWEST vibrating emotions, and if we are vibrating at those emotions, it is VERY difficult, if not impossible, to create happiness and joy.
Sexual abuse can steal our power, our self worth, our joy, and more.
Whether you experienced sexual abuse and trauma in childhood, from a stranger, from a family member or your partner, or are carrying the imprints in your DNA, this group healing will help you release it once and for all

Sexual Trauma and Abuse Group Healing:
Because I feel so strongly that this healing is so important, I am now giving this away FOR FREE
In this group call, I will be doing clearing to release the trauma and abuse including the following Sacred Activations:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for Sexual Abuse This activation clears the emotions and anxiety around traumatic sex related events and abuse.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Release This activation clears the emotions and anxiety around traumatic events. It will also clear past life PTSD

Anger and Resentment Towards God Many of us are unaware of the anger and resentment we have towards God. This anger keeps us from having faith that God can and will heal us and our clients. Before you partner with God to Facilitate healing for your clients you will need to release this belief

Family Karma Disconnect from feeling obligated to carry your families karma (sexual trauma is many times passed on in the DNA)

Fear of my own Power This activation clears those fears that you might misuse your power if you allowed yourself to claim it.

Get Your Keys Back Sometimes we give people power over us, which is similar to energetically giving them keys to us. This give the access to control you on a should level. This activation will return your keys and power back to you – where it belongs

I am Worthy This deactivation removes the false beliefs that keep you from feeling worthy

Inner Child Reconnection This reclaims the pieces of your soul that were left in other lifetimes, and heals the traumas that caused this fragmentation. As these scattered parts are called forth, they are cleansed and balanced with love, then reunited with you. This reclamation will allow you to be in your power and live with greater presence in this lifetime.

Release Sexual Judgment This activation releases sexual judgements of self and others, bringing unconditional love while disconnecting you from past life beliefs, genetic and collective beliefs and consciousness

Releasing the Ex’s Energy This activation releases and disconnects you from the DNA of past lovers and their energy as well as any oaths, vows or contracts unconsciously made.

Self-Forgiveness Success eludes us if we do not or have not forgiven ourselves. We also sometimes feel that we are not worth forgiveness, however everything is forgivable because this life is an illusion and nothing here lasts except the wisdom we gain from the lessons we’re learning. This activation focuses on Self-forgiveness, so you can move forward with your life. You will also be able to forgive others completely once you have fully forgiven yourself.

Self-Love Self-love goes hand in hand with Self-forgiveness, but you must forgive yourself first in order to fully love yourself. Once you realize that you’re an aspect of the Creator and ultimately perfect and untarnished you will understand that you not only can love yourself, but that you are the essence of Love itself, for the Creator is Love and your are an aspect of the Creator.

Ultimate Release: Anger, Fear, and Guilt Disconnect from everything in your way and release all that prevents you from being in your power and fulfilling your mission on earth at this time.

A Child’s Guilt and Shame Deactivation Buried deep and hidden in our psyche is the deep rooted guilt and shame for something that was done to them. This deactivation will release on the spot with a lot of anchoring and grounding of love of self and acceptance of the wholeness of beauty of self.

Pure Happiness freeing us from the guilt, shame and fear that block true happiness, as well as the beliefs and contracts to not allow ourselves to be happy as long as anyone else is suffering or because of past trauma and suffering.

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