You’re About to Discover How to Attract, Create and ENJOY Money as a Spiritual, Conscious Being
(No Matter What Your Financial Situation is Right Now)

Money is spiritual.

Do those words feel somehow “wrong” or “strange”?

If you said yes, or you’ve had a difficult time attracting and holding on to money or if money brings up uncomfortable feelings for you, I’m guessing you’re a spiritual, loving, caring human being.

Here’s the thing…

So many spiritually conscious, evolved people in the world believe money is NOT spiritual and that making and spending lots of money somehow detracts from their spirituality and it slows down or even halts their spiritual evolution.

And that’s why so many beautiful, loving souls struggle with money including gifted healers, conscious business owners, stay-at-home moms and everyone and anyone who is called to be of service.

They are unable to attract, create and enjoy money.

They have a hard time asking for a raise or charging for their services. They resist taking care of themselves with a vacation or a day at the spa.

Many of them can’t provide for themselves in a way that feels comfortable and worry-free. They have difficulty paying their rent, they’re constantly late paying the bills, their credit card debt is through the roof.

In other words… their financial life is a complete chaos.

If this sounds (painfully) familiar, I invite you to step into a new way of living, of being… of connecting with and creating… money.

This is a totally new money paradigm.

What if I told you that “money is spiritual” is a fundamental, spiritual truth?

What if I told you that the key to unlocking your ability to create, grow, and enjoy money not just deeply spiritual but a lot simpler than you think!

The most powerful, aligned way to co-create money isn’t by following what’s worked for other people, but by following and working with your very own energy. And although we each have a dominant wealth virtue, we ALL have each of the Sacred Wealth Virtues within us, and when we are able to master all the virtues, or embody them, we unlock an enormous personal potential! I’ll be showing you exactly how to do that!

The Sacred Wealth Virtues program is now a 10-week program! Together we will go through EACH of the 4 primary Sacred Wealth Virtues, so YOU can embody them all and unlock your fullest potential.


These energetically-aligned, incredibly powerful Wealth Virtues can be easily embrace because they are your natural way of being.


When we are able to recognize our natural inclination towards certain virtues and qualities, and embrace the lessons that come with them, we can quickly step into higher levels of service AND into the ability to co-create more money, wealth and abundance with ease.

The more we are able to align with, integrate and eventually embody these wealth virtues, the more powerfully we can create our reality.. it can even happen in an instant!

Just about every wealth and abundance course, program, training or energetic modality out there is about what you’re doing WRONG when it comes to money.

Sacred Wealth Virtues is about turning your attention and your energy to what’s RIGHT and using that energy to maximize your ability to co-create money.

This is a proven, positive and extraordinarily powerful way to approach wealth and finance and to transform your relationship to money for life.



When you join me for the Sacred Wealth Virtues Program, you’ll experience:

Magic Money Relationship


Discover what you are doing right in your approach to money, wealth and abundance. You’ll learn what to embrace in your relationship to money —  your unique wealth characteristics and the special magic you bring to the world that can bring through  incredible amounts of money and abundance

Flow of Abundance

You’ll see exactly how you’re unknowingly blocking money and abundance and you’ll learn to unblock your energy and create space for magnificent, consistent wealth to enter your life.

Embody Your Personal Truth

You’ll gain a deep and abiding understanding of who you truly are and what your personal energy around money is. You’ll finally understand and embody the truth that money is spiritual and that money can be kindness, that money can be love, that money can be anything you want it to be.


This Program is for you if:


CheckmarkYou’ve taken every money and abundance class out there, and you still haven’t seen anything positive happen to your bank account!
CheckmarkYou know deep in your heart that wealth and spirituality can go hand in hand, even if you were raised to believe otherwise (for example It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”)
CheckmarkYou are ready to approach your co-creation of money, wealth and abundance in a new, refreshing way that actually works!

CheckmarkYou long to feel relaxed and at ease with money rather than anxious and fearful
CheckmarkYou’re excited to learn how to work with Sacred Wealth Virtues and related spiritual and energetic tools designed for your energetic signature.

CheckmarkYou are ready to create, grow and most importantly enjoy wealth and abundance!

Love From Happy Clients and Students

The Sacred Wealth Virtues class is beyond any other wealth class I’ve taken!

“The Sacred Wealth Virtues class is beyond any other wealth class I’ve taken! Elysia uses her deeply transformative modality to heal the energies that cause blocks from experiencing wealth in your life, along with sharing tools to use throughout and when the course is over. My life showed an increase in abundance on all levels during and after the course, in addition to financial wealth. Plus, Elysia creates a loving and safe space in which to do this work. It’s amazingly fun and expansive to be in the space of true Wealth!”

Pamela Strum

Sacred Wealth Virtues as usual is jam packed with information & magnificent healing

““Elysia’s information for this beautiful course Sacred Wealth Virtues as usual is jam packed with information & magnificent healing to assist you living your life of your wildest dreams with ease, Grace & Joy. I am ‘Exuberance ‘ & I was able to understand more about these aspects of myself. The coaching calls are always value plus as Eysia is able to amazing include most issues that came up. It was a lot of fun & Elyia’s presentation & Exuberant 🙂 & vibrant energy is absolutely contagious.”

Janet Ienco

When you join Sacred Wealth Virtues you will:

Embody Your Unique Qualities, Lessons & Gifts to Co-Create Money


Discover YOUR innate primary Sacred Wealth Virtue and the other Sacred Virtues that can support you as you embody the qualities, lessons and gifts you were born to experience and express.

Work with Sacred Wealth Rituals and Your Personal Wealth Altar


Learn to integrate and work with Sacred Wealth Rituals that are specific to your primary Sacred Wealth Virtue with specific, carefully selected crystals, oils, mantras, as well as how to create and activate your own powerful wealth altar.

Heal from Past Pain, Anxiety & Fear Around Money and Abundance


Receive healing for your relationship with money, so you can open yourself up to become an amazing CoCreator of everlasting wealth and abundance.

Maximize the Power of ALL Sacred Wealth Virtues


Receive access to teachings that will amplify ALL Sacred Wealth Virtues, so you can embody them and experience deep transformations for a beautiful, prosperous, rich life.



16 In-Depth Video Teachings
Powerful videos, released weekly (16 videos total) for each of the 4 Sacred Wealth Virtue Archetypes. 

Easy Access to Lesson Highlights

Carefully curated, downloadable PDFs and course notes that give you easy access to key highlights from the teachings in this program. You’ll love how much time this saves you!

“Grab n Go” Healings At Your Fingertips

Separate recordings of healings, activations and alignments so you can listen to them whenever you want to or need to. You can access the recordings in the online member portal, via my NEW app, or download them to your device!


This was the perfect wealth course with the spiritual and practical by virtue type

“This was the perfect wealth course with the spiritual and practical by virtue type. Understanding my virtue type each week provided an awareness and the combination of an individual type Sacred Scoul Alignments worked to improve my wealth capability.”

Deborah McAllister Simmons

The Sacred Wealth Virtues course was full of content and healing…

“The Sacred Wealth Virtues course was full of content and healing from Elysia Hartzell to help peel those layers to get to the root cause. What was important for me was to get to the root cause and to finally be able to release stuck energy and limiting patterns. ”

Emily DeVargas

These Are the Amazing Insider Techniques, Insights, and Knowledge You’ll Receive with Sacred Wealth Virtues. We will go through each of these modules for all 4 Sacred Wealth Virtues

Module 1: Embracing Your Unique Magic & Sacred Wealth Virtue


Other teachings, trainings and programs go straight into what’s wrong with your relationship to money, but we’re starting with what you’re doing right! We’ll dive deep into your Sacred Wealth Virtue so you’ll know exactly what to accentuate and fully embrace in yourself including special characteristics, traits, qualities — some of which you may not even be aware of — plus the unique magic you bring to the world.

Module 2: Dissolving Wealth Blocks and Healing Your Relationship with Money


People talk about wealth blocks… but what are they? Where do they come from? When did they begin? How are they formed? When will they disappear? This module answers all of those questions and more. You’ll also begin healing your relationship with money as you become an amazing CoCreator of your financial destiny.

Module 3: Aligning Fully for Resonance and Mastery of Sacred Wealth Virtues


Align with your Sacred Wealth Virtue to invite sacred wealth into all aspects of your life. Our money issues reflect deeper, inner issues — as within so without. When you address and clear these issues, you come into resonance with and mastery of your Sacred Wealth Virtue. You’ll also learn to embody ALL Sacred Wealth Virtues for deep transformation as you create your prosperous, rich life!

Module 4: Practical Magic & Manifestation with Sacred Wealth Rituals


This module is all about practical magic and manifestation. You’ll discover Sacred Wealth Rituals for each of the Wealth Virtues which include specific power crystals, oils, shapes, mantras plus a step-by-step on how to create your personal Wealth Altar. This will add infinite power to your ability to manifesting money, wealth and abundance in your life.


For a limited time save $370!


$ 185

One-time payment

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the materials?

You’ll have lifetime access! you can download all recordings and keep forever!

Do I have to attend the live calls?

No, all calls are recorded for your convenience (although I’d LOVE to see you on the calls, live!)

What if I am new to spirituality and healing?

This program will meet you where you are, and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask any questions you may have as we move through the classes and healing.

What if I’ve already done a LOT of work around wealth and abundance?

This course is different from anything you might have experienced. We are approaching wealth and abundance from a completely different perspective that will serve to unlock and enhance the work you’ve already done!

Love From Happy Clients and Students

Elysia Hartzell’s Sacred Wealth Virtue programme will open you up to new insights…

“Elysia Hartzell’s Sacred Wealth Virtue programme will open you up to new insights and help you create a better life experience now. With her wealth of wisdom, knowledge and healing she will gently help you grow and peel away layers of old beliefs uncovering the shiny new you that has always been there – a joyous journey.”

Gabriella Marenco

I had never realized there were so many different aspects to wealth before….

“I really enjoyed this course. I had never realized there were so many different aspects to wealth before. Also I was able to raise my money ceiling by around $1200 a month consistently. And I don’t work!.”

Sonja Prochaska

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