My life is now so much more joyous now I truly a feel lifted with a new sense of freedom, my body flows with more ease now too. I know it is from my session with Elysia. I lost my oldest son in 97 and suffered from PTSD so since then I have had many kinds of treatments and various healing methods done since then, but nothing has ever done so much so quickly as what Elysia was able to do in one session. I had so much unresolved grief and sadness just lifted from my being...You can't imagine being free from that kind of emotional pain but here I am recommending this to everyone I know or who will listen because in my experience it is the best thing ever!! Life now feels like a Miracle I feel I can't wait until the next one to see what else unfolds...I feel so empowered
Get this done you won't regret it
Blessed immensely by this woman's work

Ileana M.

Elysia is the most amazing healer I have experienced. She is amazing - she immediately connects with me and picks up on my energy accurately. I don't know how she does but she tunes in - in a such a clear way that I can't put it into words. It is incredible. I have cleared so much stuff - I can't believe I have been carrying so much emotional crap all these years. The clearing has made an impact in my life that I'm so grateful for. Not to mention she is so sweet, compassionate and makes you feel at ease and understood. Elysia is definitely gifted.

Andrea D.


Elysia worked with me today and I have to say it was one of the most rewarding "therapy" sessions I have ever been in. She was able tune in to 2 core issues and help me clear them right away. She is truly a blessing and I am really looking forward to working with her further! Thank you so much Elysia for your loving heart and your compassion.

Dani C.


Elysia, You're the most powerful healer I've ever worked with, either personally or next to. You get down to bottom with no judgement faster than anyone I've ever seen. Your swift but gentle touch is vast and ever expanding still.

Katie M

Austin, Texas

Working with Elysia has been one of the best modalities for healing I have ever done. She was spot on in her ability to help me face what was hidden from my conscious mind. I love her nonjudgmental, supportive, and keen guidance to encourage moving forward in life. Her coaching was well worth the investment in myself and my family and I will be forever grateful our lives and journey have crossed in such a powerful and positive manner. Elysia you are a gift to humanity.



Today I had an amazing experience with Elysia. She was able to tap into my trapped emotions of childhood and erase and reprogram those emotions. She also did brain balancing which I felt right away. I felt like a fog was taken off my brain and head. I had asked for physical pain healing and my band of Angels decided to join her and communicate with her and give me some personal messages. She confirmed I'm on the right journey. I feel energized after our session. Thank you Elysia, may your business and personal life have many blessings.

Lisa D

Absolutely blown away. More than blown away. I've had intuitives pinpoint things about my life before, but never the way Elysia did. She picked up on things about my life that not even my closest friends know. We dug deep and got to the core of why I am the way I am, and I can honestly say I am now more relieved and open than I have ever been. I feel healed on a DEEP level. I feel understanding and close to myself...something i've never felt....ever.  She immediately clued in to certain events in my life that not even my closest friends know. Talk about digging deep. She helped me release deep feelings and things i've carried since infancy, and now I have this crazy sense of freedom within myself. I've never felt more close and open and appreciative of myself than I do now. It's a pretty intense & unfamiliar sensation. I'm grateful beyond words for her and her skill in this work. It's a free feeling that I can't find the words for. And now I feel more worthy and *ready* for good than I ever have. This woman is phenomenal. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like i've found my lifelong coach.

Richone C.


Today I had an amazing experience with Elysia. She was able to tap into my trapped emotions of childhood and erase and reprogram those emotions. She also did brain balancing which I felt right away. I felt like a fog was taken off my brain and head. I had asked for physical pain healing and my band of Angels decided to join her and communicate with her and give me some personal messages. She confirmed I'm on the right journey. I feel energized after our session. Thank you Elysia, may your business and personal life have many blessings.

Lisa D

Just had an amazing session with Elysia and she picked up a lot of my blocks and has given me plenty to think about and work on. She was even spot on with my past lives.  This was a divine gifts session and I would recommend it; if anyone needs help and advice Elysia is the person to work with.  Thank you so much for my session.

Su D


I just had a Theta Healing session yesterday with Elysia and I want to say wow in as many languages as possible. I've been on the path of Spirit since very early on, living in India studying ancient healing techniques. As a fellow healer/channel who's been practicing for years-it's an absolute pleasure when I find a talented energy worker (seems too small an expression) who so quickly dissolves truly stubborn core issues. I'm not only grateful, but am going to be a repeat client
. We need people who can go deep-our tribe of champions who help us all step into our brightest light. This is priceless.

Ariane N.

I had an amazing session with Elysia last week. It was such an intense freeing process and it took me a few days to emotional process it all and I am so grateful. I know I have more work to do but I can definitely tell a difference. I look forward to working with her in the future.. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. I am so grateful!!!

Sherrie W.

I had another session with Elysia yesterday. Another wow moment with Elysia: While I was doing all these chants/rituals, deep in my mind I had a belief that God does not have permission for me to get any blessings.. Oh my God.. We all know God has permission for everyone but this was just my belief, probably because I was raised in a Muslim country, and yes none of the things we do now or believe now matches with Muslim teachings or Rules in better words… The moment she found this and cleansed it I felt different. Totally different. Our brain is like a deep endless well, it goes back to many generations, and probably we need several sessions to clean up the junk but need to start from somewhere Thank you!

Nil O.

Elysia, thank you thank you thank you for the amazing healing session, I feel so much lighter since we did the healing, I don't know how to explain my feelings, you did an amazing job finding what arias I needed healing and I thank you for that. Elysia is a wonderful, loving ,caring and patient person, she take her healing coaching to the highest level. I'm looking forward for our next season heart emoticon thank you. Sending you Love and light.

Farahnaz D

I am manifesting better spiritual health and sharing!
I am feeling blessed and encouraged with the spot on healing session with Elysia earlier this week. I have previously had quite a few healing sessions with Elysia (and am amazed each and every time), but had not yet focused on my 38 year marriage relationship.
It seemed appropriate to do an unhooking of energies; clearing past lives, and past life KARMA; healing unhealthy hooks and cords; calling back lost feelings; soul retrieval of broken or fragmented parts; and overall healing of the brain, Angle healing, and forgiveness.
The belief's that surfaced were uncannily accurate. The four past life relationships all had threads of beliefs relating to this lifetime relationship, feeling thrilled to be moving forward and embracing change. Awareness is growth. The greatest part of this form of healing is my conscious mind does not have to understand the WHY and HOW, as my spirit allows and accepts the healing. Woop Woop, SHINY!
Thank you SO much Elysia for offering up your exquisite form of healing with compassion and precise connections to the Devine. Thankful too, for your willingness to walk the roads of growth with me. I feel a deep trust for you and your uncanny ability to to ferret out deep-seated beliefs and emotional carnage that seem to be shouting for release as our souls continue their journey through the centuries.
I am ALWAYS amazed at the ripple effect ThetaHealing has and the subtle ways of healing. If you feel stuck or keep running on the same mouse wheel treat yourself to some of Elysia's exquisite and accurate healing techniques. She is truly a gifted coach and a trust-worthy, nonjudgmental, and effective healer. Elysia thank YOU from my heart to YOURS!

K. H.

I just had a healing session with Elysia and I must say that a weight has gotten off my shoulders. She found some deep unconscious beliefs I've had since childhood, and have been bubbling up affecting me physically for a over month. After the very emotional session, the physical pain I had been experiencing lately was reduced by 90% -
***update: 24 hours post-session: pain has not come back!

Elaine M.


Okay so I had to wait a few days to post this but it was worth the wait. I had a session with Elysia and at first it brought up so much pain but in the long run it was worth the clearing that I needed. Thank you thank you and please never give up!! If you need clearing you need to book an appointment!! Seriously!!

Valerie E.

First of all, Elysia is an amazing person ... She's just so awesome. ANYWAYS!  I had a theta with her today that I believe, truly, (though I formerly wasn't aware of, but nor was I searching for, healing of this sort) alleviated or removed some tremendous fears and phobias.She helped me really concretely believe these things that are almost frightening but in a loving way... I have faith I can (and will) continue to work with Theta healing and FOREVER knock them out of my proverbial ballpark. Thank you Universe!!!I wasn't exaggerating when I explained to her my fear, disgust, rage and horror I feel recalling my mother's death.  Five minutes later after she did her magic thing I seriously felt it wasn't my fault, I couldn't have helped it, and my mother forgives me.  I wasn't aware how much guilt I felt but I felt lighter and happy - my mother is good now.  And so am I.  I know I have work to do.  But this is awesome, a God-send and I thank her! I'm a little teary thinking how kind she was, giving so much of herself.  I think she is knowledgeable, compassionate, caring and worthy of every dime you will pay.
Humbly... Namaste.


Vancouver, WA

Wow!! Just Wow! I had the most amazing theta healing session with Elysia!! The information that she was able to pull from me was so point on. She told me that subconsciously i held onto the belief “ If I am not perfect I will be killed” and that this belief was keeping me stuck in life. This completely goes into alignment with what Dr. Pillai spoke about in regards to soul genetics. That our mother’s belief gets passed down to us in the utero. You see when my mother was pregnant with me, she was faced with the threat of death by the Khmer Soldiers. If she did not behave perfectly, she would be executed. And the soldiers actually told her that her execution would come in the morning. So when Elysia told me that this belief was popping up for me…I already knew that all that fearful vibration and belief felt by my mother was passed down to me…Because all my life i had these fears and anxiety that I could not understand.
Also, she was able to pull up a past lifetime where I hung myself. I committed suicide because I lost a lot of money and I felt humiliated, I felt like a loser, like I would never amount to anything… All of this completely correlates with this present life time…In this life time, when I contemplated about committing suicide, it would always be because i felt like a loser, like a big disappointment to my family, like I did not amount to anything! All these past life issues are currently playing out in this life time!!! And hanging myself is exactly how I would choose to exit this lifetime again.
In my one hour session with Elysia, we cleared so much crap…It’s still going to take 18 hours to process. She warned me that some symptoms of anxiety might pop out of nowhere…as it is clearing all the junk out. Funny thing is that i completely forgot about my appointment with her this morning, but I woke up with a really bad anxiety attack! I felt anxious and could not understand where all of this was coming from. During my conversation with Elysia, she told me that my soul knew what was coming up and was preparing for it. All i can say is WOW! Thank you Elysia. I am truly grateful for all the amazing healers in this forum.  ~  2/16/15

Sy. H.

La Habra, CA

Just wanted to give Elysia a shout out for her theta healing today. She's fantastic and exactly  what I needed after how busy I've been. Giving me some of her healing  juju!  healers supporting healers!

Thuy T.

I could not more skeptical about energy healing, but after Elysia worked on a couple of issues for me, I am convinced. Her approach made it easy to confront old thoughts that needed to be eliminated. If you are willing to do some work and have the courage to do it. Elysia can help you change your life. She is amazing in her skill and methodical in execution.


Elysia, delivers her best with deep heart and a willingness to bring out the very best in others. She is your go-to-coach if you want to step into wholeness and be all of who you want to be in the world!

Feroshia K.

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