This may not sound true for you right now but I want you to hold these words in your heart…

You are magic. You are energy. You are love. Your life is incredibly significant. Deeply meaningful. You are a crucial part of the gleaming perfection of Universal design

... a design that connects all of life ...

A design of love and of beauty and of light.
All of your choices brought you right here. To this moment. The moment where we meet, through the energy of these words, on this page.

And I know you need to know this right now.
You need to know just how magnificent you are.
Because, it’s easy to forget the truth…

That we are stardust and moonlight.
That we are beauty, grace and elegance.
That we are heaven and earth and everything in between.


For a long time, I forgot this truth.
I didn’t know who I was and what I was meant to do with my life.

All I felt was emptiness. And loneliness. And the cold, dark hand of fear clutching my heart.
It feels like many lifetimes ago but there was a time when I was 19-year-old wife who felt trapped in an abusive marriage.

Then, on my daughter’s 11th birthday, my husband threatened me with a gun.
It was the push that I needed to see things as they really were. I took my 3 girls and fled.
It felt like we had escaped a terrible nightmare but that was only the beginning of an ordeal that felt like it would never end…

But in my darkest hour, a little voice deep within me whispered, “it’s time to make a change.”
And thankfully ,  I listened to that voice because it got me started on a journey of self-discovey and truth. It led me down a path that I never imagined I would follow…

A path that took me to energy work and healing and light.
A path that took me back to Source.
It opened my eyes and showed me that I had the power to manifest the kind of life that I had never even dared to dream of.

I turned to sources of wisdom and learned from amazing books and teachers and programs.
These learnings nourished my spirit. It shone a light in the darkness that was my life at that time.
It showed me the way home to my own soul.

I’ve now manifested freedom and abundance for myself and my daughters and I’ve created a beautiful, heart-centered business that allows me to serve other healers and conscious, spiritual souls.

After years of practicing and serving with various modalities, I recently received an amazing, Divine Download that allowed me to channel through my own healing modality…

Sacred Soul Alignment

Sacred Soul Alignment is a gentle, powerful modality that releases lifetimes of negative beliefs, vows & contracts to create divine inner alignment and deep healing on every level.  My dream, my vision and my soul purpose is to bring abundance, health and healing to healers and to beautiful, spiritual souls around the world -

Beautiful souls, like you

I want you to know that you can be as gentle as the rustle of angel wings and as strong as the mightiest mountain.

You can find your purpose, create your destiny and change your life.
You can live in abundance, truth, beauty and joy.
And you can live in Sacred Alignment with who you truly are.
There is a way. I found it and I want to share it with as many people as I can.
And if this feels right and true, if this resonates in your soul, I’m here for you.


If you’d like to access your innate Divine Gifts discover how to manifest abundance, health and healing, please view my library of services under "Work with Elysia" at the top of this page.
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