Manifesting Alchemist E-Course

  • Program Includes:
    7 audio lessons with over 10 hours of manifesting techniques and powerful energetic belief clearing
  • 5 guided meditations
  • 7 PDF workbook
  • Facebook group for additional support.

Here is what some of the people in the live program are saying:

“This week everything is going my way. I manifested my dream home. They accepted my first offer and threw in fixing the air conditioner. I was expecting a $2500 bonus that got raised to be about that after taxes. My sales at work are increasing.Sold 9 policies at work today, usually lucky to sell that in 2 weeks.”

“I signed up for Elyisa’s Program not knowing what to expect but, I knew it was going to be great. And…..she hasn’t disappointed me. I was open to whatever I could manifest and it’s been an amazing ride. So far I have manifested 2 big things and a bunch of small things, all of which are a part of the 3 areas that I want to Manifest. Some of what I have Manifested I didn’t even know that I wanted and I’m totally loving them. The best part is that with Elysia’s help, I have cleared out a lot of old emotions and old beliefs that have been buried for a long time. I can’t say enough about this Program and I still have 4 more weeks. I have no idea what more I’m going to Manifest but I know it’s going to be great. I have definitely gotten my money’s worth already…..the rest is just going to be a Bonus!!”

About the Program:

Do you lay awake at night wondering how you can change your life? You’ve read all the “Law of Attraction” books you can get your hands on and eagerly watched The Secret and Abraham Hicks videos. You carefully crafted vision boards and wrote out hundreds of affirmations, chanted mantras for hours, but it’s just not working for you.

Or you’re able to manifest small things, like a cup of coffee, the odd quarter on the ground, or even as much as a hundred dollar bill, but larger goals remain out of reach.
Perhaps you’re able to manifest in one area of your life but are completely blocked in another. For instance, you’re in a good relationship but you’re always broke? Or maybe your business is thriving but you’re lonely. Or most of your life is going okay, but you are in pain, feeling old, tired and sore all the time or still trying to lose that 30 pounds.
There’s more to manifesting than vision boards and mantras …

You can read all the books that have been published, but here’s something that you may not be aware of. Your subconscious mind harbors thousands of thoughts per second, and your conscious mind is only aware of a fraction of them! These subconscious thoughts are blocking your way to getting what you want. For example, you’ve been writing the following affirmation “I am a money magnet”. Your subconscious mind heckled “You’ve always been broke!!! Why would it be any different now?!” or you create lists and vision boards for bringing in your soul mate but your subconscious says “You’ll always be alone!
You aren’t good enough!”

… You’re getting abused by your subconscious mind and you’re not aware of it.
You know there’s something missing but you just can’t seem to put a finger on it.
Deep down inside, you know that there has to be more, and that abundance in all aspects of your life is your birthright.

Here’s a scientific fact, and it is quite alarming:

You’re carrying your ancestors experiences in your DNA….

Your grandparents survived the holocaust? Your mother witnessed a horrible accident?
You can be sure that these experiences have been passed down to you…

Also, if you understand reincarnation, you may know that oaths and vows taken, and contracts signed from past lives are holding you back in this life. Healing takes on many layers of the subconscious mind, emotional body and at the soul level.

Here’s my secret formula to becoming a manifesting alchemist : it requires 95% healing blocks and changing your mindset by not only permanently removing the negative subconscious beliefs but installing NEW positive beliefs and feelings at the energetic level and only 5% actionable exercises to ground your desires.

… this is where I come in, because healing and clearing is what I do. I will wipe out those nagging subconscious beliefs and those blocks so quickly you’ll think it’s magic.

I want help YOU

eliminate your blocks forever.

Here’s the deal. Over 7 modules you will learn everything you need to know to overcome, release and heal your way to creating the life you want – even a life beyond your wildest dreams.

I’ve used these tools to create the life I want, and more.

Just a short time ago, my life was very, very different from how it is now.

Six years ago, at the age of 38 I had spent half my life in a miserable, abusive, controlling marriage I saw no way out of. My husband threatened me with a gun during our daughter’s 11th birthday party, so I took my 3 daughters and fled. I was homeless for the next 7 months, living on government assistance because my husband had 100% control of our money and I was too afraid to take him to court.

… I was in a desperate situation where I felt helpless and knew something had to change.

When I discovered ThetaHealing®. and the Law of Attraction
& implemented these practices, my life turned around.

~ Now, I am head over heels in love with the man of my dreams!
~ We just moved into a beautiful 1.5 million dollar home on the water
~ My business is flourishing!

Once your realize the importance of changing your negative belief patterns, magic happens. But it does require effort to bring your creation into the third dimension. The good news is doesn’t have to take years to turn your life around. I will be there for you but you must show up and do the work.

In 7 modules:

You’ll discover why you have trouble manifesting
Liberate yourself from over 150 nagging beliefs your subconscious mind uses to thwart your manifesting efforts
Dissolve and severe connections you have to certain people, places and belief systems that have never empowered you
Send that subconscious bully back to where it belongs – detention hall, forever
Learn a simple but effective technique to protect yourself from subconscious attacks

Execute powerful exercises in order to materialize your desires in the physical realm.

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