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Free 4-Day Spiritual Masterclass Series

FREE Live Spiritual Masterclass Series: How to Liberate Your Inner Healer & Amplify Your Intuitive Gifts

Unearth your hidden healing abilities, install powerful new beliefs to strengthen your intuitive gifts and claim your destiny as a sacred healer of integrity and love.

Experience this Free Spiritual Masterclass Series

with gifted Healer, Spiritual Mentor and creator of the Sacred Soul Alignment™ modality Elysia Hartzell

Presenter: Elysia Hartzell
Date: Tuesday May 12 through Friday May 15, 2020
Time: 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm UK

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Note: Don’t worry if you can’t be there live, when you sign up, you’ll automatically receive a recording of each class.

When you experience How to Liberate Your Inner Healer & Amplify Your Intuitive Gifts you’ll:

CheckmarkUnearth and reconnect with your hidden healing abilities (you are already a healer even if it doesn’t feel that way right now!)

CheckmarkAccelerate the manifestation of your unique gifts so that you may embrace your divine abilities here and now

CheckmarkAmplify your intuitive gifts by opening up the natural intuitive language channels that match up with your senses

Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

Clairaudience (clear hearing)

Clairsentience (clear feeling)

Claircognizance (clear knowing)

Clairempathy (clear emotional feeling)

CheckmarkExperience yourself as a powerful healer in REAL time using my unique Energetic Release technique

CheckmarkReceive belief systems so you can experience deep spiritual understanding of who you truly are

CheckmarkGain deeper acceptance of your true and complete self as you connect with other healers and lightworkers

CheckmarkExperience the divine power and grace of Sacred Soul Alignments™ to…

embody your intuitive and healing abilities

✨ bring in energetic support

activate your 3rd eye

✨ and release oaths, vows, contracts and beliefs that hold you back from claiming your spiritual gifts…

and SO much more!

Love & Praise from Students + Practitioners

“I have had the pleasure of taking several courses from Elysia and she is simply amazing. She is very patient and explains everything in detail. I am also blessed to be one Of Elysia’s Certified Soul Alignment ™ practitioner and this is one of the best investment that I have done in my business and for myself.”

~ Patricia LeBlanc, Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher,

“One of the biggest gains in this process has probably been the incredible increased self awareness, increased ability to differentiation between intuition and fear. It doesn’t mean the fear thoughts aren’t there, it means I see them and choose something else.”

– Amy Bernier, Rock Your Offer

“Wow! That was pretty incredible! When you did the anger release, my heart started racing and my chest got hot. All of it was wonderful, but I’ve been dealing with anger since I was young, I know this is a turning point for me. Thank you!”

– Jennifer

“This masterclass has been so beneficial….this is absolutely one of the best healing modalities I have come across. It has truly helped me so much just these past 3 days.”

– Kayla

“I am feeling lighter, more balanced & free. My gifts have been enhanced & I am receiving major divine intervention & guidance more so than before.”

– Mandy

“Very powerful experience. For some of the healing I was very deeply relaxed almost as though I was asleep whole head was tingling from my forehead all the way to the back of my neck. That is a new experience for me…. I now feel more open and am protected as well. Just an amazing experience. Thank you.

– Lea

“Really amazing timing and experience. I’m absolutely loving all of your masterclasses. Lots of healing energy moving and a lot of understanding settling in. Thank you for all that you have done, are doing and will do!!! Much love .”

– Lauren

“I can’t believe how amazing this was. 3 years of clairvoyant/healing meditation training and nothing has compared to this!”

– Rebecca

“I want to say thank you for being an authentic and passionate being that shares her gifts and abilities with others. I’m a Reiki practitioner and Master Life coach. I’ve also just begun my writing career and you have absolutely impressed me with your ability and the energy that flowed across the time and space of this session.”

– Holly

Meet Your Teacher And Spiritual Mentor, Elysia Hartzell

A gifted healer and spiritual mentor, Elysia Hartzell is the creator of a transformational, modality called Sacred Soul Alignment™. She has already trained and certified over 300 Sacred Soul Alignment™ practitioners and has created a successful business doing the work she loves.

She is gifted at awakening, accelerating and empowering the divine gifts of people that use their natural healing abilities for the benefit of their friends, families, clients and themselves!

Elysia is highly respected and loved as a healer who works from a place of self empowerment and deep spiritual integrity. She cracks the codes of self-love and self-worth on multidimensional levels. Her natural vibration of loving acceptance and soulful compassion opens the door to a deeper connection with the soul and the gifts and abilities that are ready to be expressed.

We respect your privacy. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.
Note: Don’t worry if you can’t be there live, when you sign up, you’ll automatically receive a recording of each class.

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FREE Spiritual Masterclass Series: Liberate Your Inner Healer

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