Imagine Having the Power to Attract Infinite Abundance, Love and Joy as You Channel Wisdom, Confidence, Creativity and Countless Other Divine Qualities AT WILL…

You’ve felt it deep inside…
And it comes through when everything is still, quiet and peaceful…
In the middle of the night…
Or in the early hours of the morning when all you can hear is birdsong…
When the voices of self-doubt, negativity and confusion cease to be for a fleeting moment…
That’s when you know…

That you are connected to limitless power and potential…

That you can be anything you wish to be…
And that you can have your deepest desires become your reality…
It’s an indescribable feeling of unconditional love…
Of knowing you are part of a vast, eternal story of divine light, truth and pure magic…
That you are powerful beyond measure.
But just as quickly as it arises, the feeling vanishes and you don’t know how to get it back.
You want it back. You NEED it back.
You long to be all that you can be. You want to shape your destiny, live your truth, rise up and align with your highest self.
But no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to get there.
Until now.
I want you to hear this truth and hold it in your heart forever…
Beautiful Soul, you are more than just a mere mortal….
You are a magnificent, unique amalgamation of immortal spirit and infinite power  
You were born a Goddess.
Now you can live like one…

Welcome to Embrace the Goddess Within…

This is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind program that came to me in a single, magical download that took my breath away and filled my soul with pure pleasure and joy.
This program was created to show you exactly how to tap into gentle yet awe-inspiring, and immensely powerful Goddess energies.
In just 4 weeks, you will learn how to call in and embody the divine attributes of all 20 Goddesses featured in this program….
These are Goddesses from all around the world. From different cultures and eras.
And I’ve specifically chosen each one because they carry powerful, transformational energies that can create lasting, positive changes in your life.
You’ll find your resistance melt away as you begin to live in the way that you’ve always dreamed of…
With courage, with spiritual tenacity, with joy, wisdom, power, truth and SO much more…

Experience Infinite Abundance, Pure Ecstasy, Divine Love, & So Much More as You Embody and Channel The Energies of 20 Incredibly Powerful Goddesses

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BONUS 1 (value $444)
Register before May 6 and receive my Divine Feminine Attunement Sacred Soul Alignment™
This has previously only been given in my Sacred Soul Alignment ™ modality class, and it is one of THE most powerful tools I have ever used. This bonus has a value of $444, which is more than the investment for the entire program!
This will attune you at a cellular level to the gifts, abilities and mysteries of the Divine Feminine (whether you have a female or male body in this lifetime) This will awaken the gifts and abilities that lie dormant and forgotten, in addition to opening the channels of receiving in your body and energy field. This opens our ability to receive, so we can accept fully our own abilities (including those from previous lifetimes and timelines) and so we can receive abundance in all forms; love, joy, health, abilities, wealth, support, knowledge, wisdom…
BONUS 2 (value $111)
Register by May 11 and receive a live group WELCOME PARTY designed to really open you up to receiving these Goddess energies. You will receive some healing and have a chance to play with these energies in new fun ways, before we officially kick off!

Here’s What You Can Expect to Experience in Just 4 weeks When You Align and Connect in With Each of The 20 Goddesses in this Program…


Goddess Lakshmi
Energies: Wealth, prosperity, abundance
Experience: Divine prosperity, expansion and riches so you can manifest a limitless flow of abundance including money, time, health and love.
Goddess Pele
Energies: Pure awareness, power, potential
Experience: Awakening of your full spiritual power and gifts so you can live your purpose and achieve success in anything you want to do.
Goddess Eurynome
Energies: Exuberance, ecstasy, healing
Experience: High energy and endless enthusiasm as you find your inner strength, create order from chaos and discover true alignment and happiness.
Goddess Kuan Yin
Energies: Compassion, release, comfort
Experience: Divine compassion for yourself and others so you can release hardship to achieve deep comfort, connection and harmonious relationships.
Goddess Aphrodite
Energies: Unconditional love, harmony, luck
Experience: Divine love as you channel passion into all areas of your life so you can find true love, as you fully honor and embrace who you are.
Goddess Uzume
Energies: Fun, mirth, clear perspective
Experience: Boundless joy, alignment and inspiration as you bring your psychic powers to the next level.
Goddess Lilith
Energies: Sovereign power, independence, self-belief
Experience: Freedom and independence as you let go of limiting beliefs and recognize your own unique power to achieve your goals and dreams
Goddess Artemis
Energies: Self-respect, authenticity, nurturing
Experience: Personal success by stepping into your full power, connecting to your authentic desires and manifesting these desires on your terms.
Goddess Tara
Energies: Strength, inner wisdom, peace
Experience: Magical inner alignment as you listen to your inner truth, and find the answers within so you can make all the right decisions to create a beautiful, purposeful life
Goddess Eoster
Energies: Renewal, evolution, rebirth
Experience: Amazing uplevels in your life and business as you welcome new beginnings that are right for you and move through changes with ease.
Goddess Minerya
Energies: Wholeness, intelligence, freedom
Experience: Letting go of beliefs that do not serve you and adopt beliefs that support you so you so you can rise up, unencumbered to receive everything you want and need.
Goddess Isis
Energies: Magic, power, healing
Experience: Magic and miracles as you heal, connect and maximize your spiritual gifts to tap into the limitless realm of possibility and shape your destiny.
Goddess Sophia
Energies: Feminine wisdom, creation, understanding
Experience: A deeper relationship with Gaia or Mother Earth as you bring forth the divine feminine aspects of yourself and find self-belief, confidence and inner power .
Goddess Durga
Energies: Self-realization, purity, protection
Experience: Perfect alignment through self-realization as you discover how to give yourself unconditional love by creating healthy boundaries that protect and  honor your needs and desires.
Goddess Ix Chel
Energies: Creativity, flow, expression
Experience: Unrestricted creativity and a magical ability to express yourself so you attract the right people and circumstances to manifest your dreams with ease.
Goddess Maya
Energies: Truth, clarity, purpose
Experience: The dissolution of lies and beliefs that have been holding you back as you embrace your beautiful, authentic yourself and see the path to your highest truth with crystal clarity.
Goddess Nut
Energies: Knowledge, openness, wealth
Experience: Infinite wealth and knowledge of the mysteries of life to help you achieve deep understanding of all that is and trust in the powers of the Universe.
Goddess Kali
Energies: Fearlessness, renewal, power
Experience: Destruction of all your fears and find the courage to speak your truth, step into the light and become the powerful woman you were born to be.
Goddess Morgan Le Faye
Energies: Transformation, manifestation, choice
Experience Joyous manifestations and transformations as you connect to the playful spirit and magic of the fairy kingdom.
Goddess Yemaya
Energies: Flow of the ocean, faith, graceful surrender
Experience: The gentle yet powerful ebb and flow of the ocean and find a calming, peaceful sense of vast inner spaciousness to achieve inner balance and harmony.

Experience Infinite Abundance, Pure Ecstasy, Divine Love, & So Much More as You Embody and Channel The Energies of 20 Incredibly Powerful Goddesses

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Embrace The Goddess Within Will Unfold Over 4 Magical Weeks…
Here are the details you need to know:
How: We will gather every week on Zoom (link will be provided when you sign up) and you’ll receive a set of Goddess Alignments during each call. We’ll go deep into the energies of each Goddess during these calls and I’ll share tools and practices you will use to call in and embody these energies.
When: Live calls will be held on Thursdays at 3pm PST // 6pm EST from May 18,2017-June 8, 2017
Private Facebook Group: You will be invited to join a private Facebook Group where you can connect with other Goddesses in this program, share your experiences and ask me any questions that come up for you.
Recording: Don’t worry if you can’t attend live. You will receive a recording of each call and be able to receive your Goddess Alignments through the recording.
Unveiling The Goddesses…

If you love Goddesses as much as I do, you’re going to want to know more about each of them!
I’m excited to share the details of all 20 Goddesses we’ll be working with…plus their images! Here they are in all their power and glory.

Goddess Pele Alignment

Pele embodies the bright, beautiful energy of awakening. You’ll experience deep inner awareness and be guided to awaken to your full potential and power. Pele is also a channel for unity, tradition, protection, creativity and change.

Goddess Eurynome Alignment

Eurymone is unrestrained ecstasy and exuberance and you’ll heal the wounded parts of yourself and your spirit to make room for these beautiful, uplifting energies. Eurynome gives you the power to create order from chaos, and you’ll be able to transform confusion, turmoil and disarray into structures and systems that create strength and stability.

Goddess Kuan Yin Alignment

Kuan Yin is pure compassion. This gentle, powerful Goddess energy eases suffering and hardship of all kinds and creates a sense of release that is deeply comforting. You’ll also begin to let go of blame and anger as you start to achieve true understanding and feel the healing power of compassion for yourself and others.

Goddess Lakshmi Activation  

Lakshmi is the bringer of riches in every sense of the word. This is prosperity beyond your imaginings and Abundance of the Heavens. Nothing is out of reach. You’ll experience a richness and expansion in your life that includes a wealth of time, health, love and money.

Goddess Aphrodite Alignment

Aphrodite shows you how to be vulnerable yet strong as you open your heart to love by giving divine, unconditional love for yourself. She unites male and female energies to create a perfect balance of harmony and power. Aphrodite is also the embodiment of love, romance, passion, sexuality, fertility, luck, beauty and pleasure. You’ll release negative beliefs and patterns that are preventing you from fully loving, honoring and embracing yourself.


Goddess Morgan Le Faye Alignment

Le Fay means “the fairy” and Morgan Le Faye brings with her the effervescent enchantment of the fairy kingdom. This is the energy of magic and of transformation and you will have the power to alter your circumstances as you shape your life into anything you desire. Morgan Le Faye will guide you to remember that you are the creator of your reality.  

Goddess Artemis Alignment

Artemis is a heavenly nurturer and protector. She will connect you to your true self as well as your authentic needs and desires. You’ll clear beliefs and past traumas around not being allowed to be independent or feeling like you must depend on others for your success and happiness. You’ll begin to nurture, honor and respect yourself without hesitation as you learn to stand in your power, step into full independence and unleash your unique, untamed spirit.

Goddess Tara Alignment

“Tara” means star and she is the energy of divine, everlasting wisdom and peace, inner stillness and strength You will center yourself and tune into that still, small voice of wisdom to find your way back to your truth no matter what else is going on in your life. There are 21 magnificent embodiments of Tara. Green Tara and White Tara are the most commonly known. White Tara energy connects you to peace and compassion and Green Tara energy helps you overcome obstacles. 

Goddess Yemaya Alignment

Yemaya is the graceful, soothing energy of surrender and trust. She will help you realize that you don’t have to do everything yourself. You will find the courage to let go and flow with trust and love. You will be guided to open up to something greater than yourself as you move toward a life that is far more beautiful than even your biggest, boldest dreams. Yemaya is often depicted as a mermaid and you will effortlessly move with ebb and flow of life — much like the ebb and flow of the ocean tides.

Goddess Minerya Alignment

Minerya is the beautiful, pure, cleansing energy you need to release beliefs that do not support you and your dreams. You will be inspired to examine your deepest beliefs and gently release any that do not align with your true self. You will embrace your truth, and nurture your wholeness. As you move forward, you will naturally start to choose beliefs that serve your highest and best good.

Goddess Isis Alignment

Isis is magic, and she is love. You authentic spirit will be revitalized as you reconnect with your innate magical gifts. You will experience a bountiful harvest of all that you desire and the incredible strength that comes from having clarity, precise perspective and the capacity to design your destiny. Isis also carries the immensely powerful healing energy of mothering that will mend all emotional and spiritual wounds and dissolve the distresses and pain of your inner child.

Goddess Sophia Alignment
Sophia is supreme Wisdom. She is the Mother of all Creation and she is the feminine aspect of the Divine. Your spiritual connection with the energy of Sophia will guide you to access your own deep truth, and ever-present inner wisdom. Sophia will also connect you to the unparalleled power, beauty and healing energies of Mother Earth or Gaia.

Goddess Durga Alignment

Durga is purity, knowledge, truth and self-realization and these high vibrational energies will become a part of you. In ancient Sanskrit, Durga means a fort, or a place that protects the precious life within and so her uplifting, protective, loving energy will help you create healthy boundaries as an act of deep, authentic self-love. You will be able to protect your precious spirit so you can go forth and live your purpose.

Goddess Lilith Alignment

Lilith will guide you back to your sovereign power. She brings cleansing energy that dissolves beliefs, limiting oaths, vows and contracts across time, space and lifetimes that have caused you to deny your personal power, or resist your innate feminine power. You’ll release the need to protect yourself by dominating, controlling or manipulating others, or allowing yourself to be dominated, manipulated or controlled. Lilith also invites and channels through freedom, courage, playfulness, passion, pleasure and sexuality.

Goddess Nut Alignment

Nut is the enigmatic Egyptian Goddess of the night sky. She helps you feel at peace as you navigate the great unknown of life itself. You will release the need to control everything, and to know and understand everything before you can feel safe. She will guide you to trust in the mysteries of the unknown and this will open you up to abundance and happiness beyond anything you can possibly imagine right now.

Goddess Ix Chel Alignment

Ix Chel is the energy of creativity. She is the Mayan Goddess of the Moon, Water, Weaving and Childbirth. She will help you discover the kind of deep, soul fulfillment that comes from channeling your unique individuality as she dissolves creative blocks and lets you fearlessly express your inborn creative nature.

Goddess Maya Alignment
Maya is brilliant and clear truth that lies beyond the veil of existence. She will illuminate illusions in your life so you can embrace that which is genuine and release that which is not. You will be guided to follow the path of your soul purpose with courage and certainty. Maya clears dark clouds of confusion, indecision and doubt so you will always know which way to turn even when you reach difficult crossroads or decisions.

Goddess Kali Alignment

Kali is the Hindu Triple Goddess of Creation. She will remind you that all that is good can come from that which is broken and seemingly hopeless. If your hopes and dreams have been crushed, the energy of Kali will breathe life back into them, revive them and call them back from nothingness. You will discover courage that you never knew you as you face your fears and tap into your limitless potential and power.

Goddess Eoster Alignment


Eoster is rebirth, renewal, fertility and fruitfulness. The evolution of your soul will begin to accelerate as you experience this marvelous restorative energy that motivates personal growth, change and refreshing new beginnings. Eoster will help you “birth” your dreams and create an amazing, new reality.
Goddess Uzume Alignment

Japanese Shaman-Goddess Uzume is the light, inspirational energy of joy and mirth. She will bring laughter and fun into your life while creating relaxed focus and perspective for calm confidence and peace. Uzume invites honor, wisdom, psychic powers, prosperity, protection and kinship.


Embrace the Goddess Within is Totally Unique. There is No Other Program Quite Like This…Anywhere!
You’ll be amazed at how quickly you start to see remarkable shifts in your life and business when you work with these Goddess energies.
These are transformations that will help you move forward, take action and live in a way that feels deeply aligned, authentic and incredibly freeing.
And you’ll finally embrace the truth…
That you can do anything be anything and manifest your brightest, boldest dreams with grace.
Because you are a Goddess. You always have been and you always will be.
And this program will help you live from this life-changing truth forever
See you in the program!
Love always,

Experience Infinite Abundance, Pure Ecstasy, Divine Love, & So Much More as You Embody and Channel The Energies of 20 Incredibly Powerful Goddesses

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