PART ONE: Creating Deeply Satisfying Relationships


Week One: Clear & Release
Guilt and Shame release
Guilt and shame are the lowest vibrating emotions. This alignment releases the guilt and shame you are holding, including that you inherited in you DNA and have taken on from the collective.
Complete disconnect and untethering
This is to be used only for people, places and situations one wants to permanently disconnect from. A person you no longer want any contact from, a job you want to leave, a place you want to move away from, etc.
Grief and sorrow release
We carry so much grief and sorrow, not only from our own experiences in this lifetime, but from previous lifetimes, inherited in our DNA and taken on from the collective. During this alignment, allow the grief and sorrow to come up to be released. If you have breathing or lung issues, this alignment is very beneficial also.
Hopeless release
When we feel hopeless, or are carrying the energy of hopelessness, it can be really difficult to accomplish anything. The alignment releases that, and brings in the feeling of hope, renewal, and joy
Ties that bind
This alignment dissolves outdated, unnecessary and harmful ties to people, places, religions, governments, groups, beings, etc..
This alignment clears the anger, resentment, regret, guilt and shame that may be blocking forgiveness for yourself or others. This will allow you to truly forgive and be forgiven.
Clearing ancestral karma, oaths vows contracts
This alignment resolves the oaths, vows, contracts and agreements we are holding for our ancestors that are no longer serving us, marking these lessons downloaded, finished and complete.
Anger and resentment release
This alignment releases the anger and resentment  you are holding, much of which may not even be your own, freeing up an enormous amount of energetic space to call in what you desire
Romantic oaths vows contracts agreements and obligations complete
We take on and hold SO many oaths vows contracts and obligations with our partners, and many times if we don’t release them, we will still be holding to them even lifetimes later. This releases those oaths, vows, contracts and obligations that are outdated or no longer serving us and marks the lessons we needed downloaded and complete, freeing us from those once and for all! This includes vow of marriage from past marriages where were are still energetically married, from all lifetimes and timelines
Sexual trauma and abuse release
This alignment clears the shock and trauma from all forms of sexual abuse, and the associated beliefs taken on. It also clears the trapped emotions taken on such as shame, worthlessness, guilt, hatred and anger, etc. This alignment really works deeply on the sacral chakra, so you may feel a lot of energy moving there. As with all alignments, this is working on all levels- current lifetime, past life, all timelines and dimensions, DNA and ancestry and collective.
Releasing attachment to others emotions and expectations
This alignment will bring in the understanding of healing being between Creator and each individual, and the understanding that each person has their own path in which they have their own unique lessons. This will also disconnect and dissolve the hooks and cords you have to holding the responsibility for other’s feelings, emotions and outcomes.
Week Two: Align & Activate
Spark of God Alignment
This alignments reminds of of who we actually are- Sparks of God! This will bring in the knowledge of our true self at this level
Activate Your Magnetism
This will activate and increase your inner confidence, your unique magnetism and your pheromones, your body’s own individual signal that will draw people to you- not only romantic interest but friends and clients as well.
Love Yourself Fully
This alignment clears hundreds of unworthiness beliefs and feelings, also clearing out the guilt, fear and shame that can be in the way of fully loving and accepting yourself, replacing this with unconditional love from Creator.
Own Your Sparkle
This aligns you with your own inner sparkle – the unique and special gifts that you alone can offer the world! This also activates the fruit of life in your sacred geometry.
Most compatible soulmate
This clears past life trauma with soulmates and beliefs that were taken on from that trauma. It resolves outdated oaths, vow and contracts with soulmates, marking lessons completed. Clears beliefs about soulmate love, including that it doesn’t exist or you can’t have it. This also sends out a beacon to your MOST compatible soulmate in this lifetime
Inner child merging
We all have an inner child that is looking for what we did not receive, whether that is nurturing, attention, love, encouragement, healthy boundaries…whatever that is for you, this alignment will go back to that time and give you what you needed, allowing this part of you to feel safe to come back into who you are now, allowing your inner child to merge with your adult self safely and easily, with joy.
Soul family connection
This alignment will connect you energetically to your soul family, those beings who you travel thru lifetime after lifetime with. After this alignment you may have people in your soul family show up, or realizations of those in your life who are your soul family.
Awakening the Heart
This Alignment clears the places where we have locked and guarded your hearts, giving us the feelings and the beliefs that it is safe to awaken your heart, that we know who to waken and open your heart to.
Goddess Aphrodite Alignement
Aphrodite shows you how to be vulnerable yet strong as you open your heart to love by giving divine, unconditional love for yourself. She unites male and female energies to create a perfect balance of harmony and power. Aphrodite is also the embodiment of love, romance, passion, sexuality, fertility, luck, beauty and pleasure. You’ll release negative beliefs and patterns that are preventing you from fully loving, honoring and embracing yourself.
Andarian Divine Fire/Sacred Ruby Red Ray
This Alignment activates the Divine Ruby Ray which purifies  the root chakra, activating both the Divine Masculine and Feminine. It creates harmony and balance, and brings powerful pure love into your relationships and also works to activate/purify any Divine Soul Union Partnership energies. It releases ancestral patterns of blame, shame, guilt, grief and fear. This extremely empowering alignment awakens the Goddess within.
Goddess Aphrodite Alignement
Aphrodite shows you how to be vulnerable yet strong as you open your heart to love by giving divine, unconditional love for yourself. She unites male and female energies to create a perfect balance of harmony and power. Aphrodite is also the embodiment of love, romance, passion, sexuality, fertility, luck, beauty and pleasure. You’ll release negative beliefs and patterns that are preventing you from fully loving, honoring and embracing yourself.

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PART TWO: Co-Creating Your Highest Potential

Week Three: Clear & Release
This Alignment clears the belief you may holding that I have to be a sacrifice for any reason. All oaths, vows, agreements, and contracts and curses to live this way, feel this way, or believe this way will be send to god’s light.
This alignment releases fear being held in the body, from emotions, beliefs, traumas, including those from other lifetimes or timelines. This alignment also brings Creator’s perspective on “fight or flight” response.
Trauma Disconnect
This alignment clears  trauma being held in the cells, the cellular memory, chakras, DNA, nervous system, energy body, emotional body, physical body and on a soul level, replacing with Creator’s unconditional love.
Broken soul healing
This alignment literally heals your broken soul. During this alignment, you may see your soul as a sphere of light with shadows and cracks, you may see parts of your soul being healed.
Goddess Kali Alignment
Kali is the Hindu Triple Goddess of Creation. She will remind you that all that is good can come from that which is broken and seemingly hopeless. If your hopes and dreams have been crushed, the energy of Kali will breathe life back into them, revive them and call them back from nothingness. You will discover courage that you never knew you as you face your fears and tap into your limitless potential and power.
Confusion and Overwhelm
Living in a world where we are bombarded with constant noise it can feel like all of our senses are being assaulted. This alignment lifts, clears, deletes that energetic noise that has attached to us, clearing the confusion and overwhelm we are feeling. It aligns us to the vibrations of stillness, quiet, peace, confidence and clarity. 

Pain as Sacred Healing Attunement
This attunement brings in the energy of purifying our pain and integrating it into ourselves as healing, releasing the pain and negative emotions that do not belong to us, giving us discernment to be able to decipher the difference between pain as sacred healing, pain that does not belong to us, and pain as an echo of the past.
Pain Body
Eckhart Tolle says the pain-body is the accumulation of old emotional pain that almost all people carry in their energy field., a semi-autonomous psychic entity. It consists of negative emotions that were not faced, accepted, and then let go in the moment they arose. This alignment releases the pain body, sometimes in layers. The larger the pain body, the most this alignment should be run or listened to.
Broken Release
This alignment releases the beliefs that we are broken that there is something wrong with us, that we need to be fixed, and it brings in the knowledge that we are whole, perfect, untarnished
Free at last
We can be held prisoner by many things- the past, our own beliefs and emotions, such as anger, guilt and shame, outdated oaths, vows and contracts and hooks and cords to people or places that are not serving us. This alignment frees you from what is holding you prisoner, and gives you Creator’s understanding of true freedom.
Why do we procrastinate? Usually it is from fear or unworthiness. This alignment clears out the beliefs, emotions and oaths vows and contracts that are at the root of procrastination and brings in motivation and inspiration.
Collapsing Timelines
This alignment collapses timelines that are not serving your highest and best good, bringing in the lessons and gifts from those timelines, washing clean in Gods light. This alignment will assist in aligning you with your highest and best possible timeline.
The Worst Vice is Advice
Some people have difficulty making decisions without getting everyone else’s advice or opinion. This alignment resolves the need to listen to everyone else besides yourself and brings in trust and the ability to listen to your higher self, God and your guides and angels.
Cleanse and Protect
This alignment is THE most powerful way to clear anyone’s energy. It clears entities and attachments, negative energies, hooks and cords, moves portals that may be open in a person’s home, land, or energy. It resolves oaths, vows and contracts to allow these energies, and beliefs and emotions associated with negative energy. 
Spiritual detox
This clears your energy field, chakras and space from negative spiritual debris…the emotions, energy and beliefs that are sometimes left over in a healing or from being around crowds or certain people. This is also a great alignment to run after doing any type of entity work.
Religious Oppression
This alignment clears out the shock and trauma from religious oppression around the world, through all lifetimes, timeline and the DNA and from the collective, including shock and trauma being held in the cells and cellular memory, and including oaths, vow, contracts and agreements made with religious groups and organizations.
Week Four: Align & Activate
Andarian Clear Elder
This alignment brings in the knowledge of the Great Central Sun, secrets of the Atlantean world, Akashic Records, the energies of AA Michael, Master Kuthumi, Jesus, and the Faerie Kingdom. It opens a clear channel for wisdom and truth, and opens the doorway to the future. This alignment may assist you in seeing multi dimensions and seeing beyond time and space. This Alignment  also activates the diamond light code frequencies of purity and activates the 1st, 7th, 9th and 18th chakras.
Truth and Trust
This brings the ability to discern truth, including our OWN truth, and to know who to trust, how to trust and most importantly how to trust ourselves. This alignment also clears out beliefs, emotions and experiences that caused us to turn away from hearing and understanding truth, and trusting our abilities.
Seeing with Your Third Eye
This alignment activates your pineal gland and pituitary gland, allowing you to be able to see more clearly with your third eye. It resolves oaths vows and contracts to limit your psychic sight and clears trauma around having been punished or killed for using your sight, or trauma from witnessing disturbing things with your psychic eyes – from this lifetime and all other lifetimes and timelines.
Soul’s Blueprint
This alignment downloads your highest blueprint from your Oversoul (or higher self) It will align you with your highest and best path in this lifetime. You may experience a lot of energy during this process. It will help all of the right people, experiences and knowledge to come into your awareness. After receiving this alignment, pay special attention the the dreams and messages and opportunities you receive.
This alignment brings in the truth of you from a soul level, so you can show up and be visible as your true authentic self, free from fear, guilt, shame, judgement, and unworthiness.
Dolphin Alignment
This aligns our vibration to the Dolphin Energy, energy of play, of psychic communication, community and high vibration.
Rose Alignment
Roses are extremely high vibration. Rose essential oil vibrates at 320Hz which is the highest energy vibration of all known oils. This alignment brings in this energy and helps relieve depression, anger, grief, fear, nervous tension and stress.
This alignment helps I realize and see that we are all one. We are never alone, we are never separate, we are always only ever fully connected to the Divine, because we ARE the Divine.
“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” ― Carl Sagan
This alignment brings in the connection to All That Is, and calls back to you all of the parts of you- the star dust- that has been scattered through time and space.
The heart contains a little brain in its own that contains. 40,000 neurons that can sense, feel, learn and remember. This alignment Activates the  40,000 neurons in the heart so that we can more easily BE in our heart when interacting with others, making choices and decisions that are in alignment with our hearts.
Multidimensional Self
This alignment brings in parts of you that are in other dimensions that are in your highest and best good to bring in at this time. Listening or receiving multiple times will bring in more pieces.
Lemurian Wisdom
This alignment brings in the wisdom and help from Lemurians. After this alignment, you may experience being or feeling in touch with Lemurians, or even see them around you, and this will also bring in gifts and abilities you may have had in Lemurian lifetimes.
Crystalline Energy
This alignment upgrades your cells and DNA to the new crystalline form. Each time you listen to or receive this alignment it activates more of your cells and crystalline DNA.
Pleiadian Wisdom
This alignment brings in the wisdom and help from Pleiadians. After this alignment, you may experience being or feeling in touch with Pleiadians., or even see them around you  and this will also bring in gifts and abilities you may have had in Pleiadian lifetimes.
This alignment brings in clarity about any situation. Focus on the situation you are desiring clarify on while receiving this alignment.

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PART THREE: Stepping Into True and Lasting Abundance


Week Five: Clear & Release
Unplug from Lack
This Alignment unhooks and unplugs you from the energies of lack, unworthiness, and struggle. It resolves hooks, cords, attachments, and curses you have to this energy. It resolves all oth, vows, contracts, and agreements taken in any lifetime or timeline to experience lack, poverty, struggle, suffering, and curses to experience lack, poverty, struggle, suffering including genetic curses.
Never Enough
This Alignment clears the beliefs around being “not enough”…not smart enough, pretty enough, educated enough, wealthy enough, not lovable enough…fill in the blank for what not enough means for you. It also clears the shock and trauma from living this way, from all lifetimes, timelines and from the genetic and collective.
Slavery Detachment
This Alignment clears the shock and trauma from lifetimes or timelines of slavery- slavery in any form, including experiences as a slave or as a “slave master” – clearing oaths, vows and contracts of any form of slavery, including slavery to money, to any group, organization, religion or individual. Clearing also any energy imprints or patterns of slavery taken on from the collective or in the DNA.
Poverty, struggle and suffering disconnect
This alignment clears oaths vows contracts obligations and agreements of poverty, debt, suffering, struggle, sickness, etc. It brings in the knowledge and understanding of learning and growing, and being close to God without needing to have or recreate these experiences.
Success without Sacrifice
This alignment eliminates the beliefs, oaths and vows that we need to sacrifice in order to succeed. It also gives us the true knowledge and understanding of success, what it feels like, and that we are worthy of it.
Getting off the Karmic Wheel
This Alignment allows you, thru pure intention to get off the karmic wheel of debt, suffering and struggle. We no longer need to carry the traumas, oaths, vows, agreements and contracts of the past. This alignment will release you from these karmic patterns.

This alignments clears anywhere tension is being held in the body, including the beliefs, emotions, trauma and experiences that are behind the tension. It brings in the ability to relax, and the energy of true peace.
Bending time
This alignment brings in true understanding of time and the knowledge and ability to Bend time in the highest and best way. It also clears fears about time, running out of time, not having enough time.
Manifesting Abundance
This alignment clears hundreds of believe that are blocking the full manifestation of abundance in all areas of life.
Not For Me
This Alignment clears the beliefs that good things are for everyone else, not for me. Love is not for me, money is not for me, health is not for me…that everyone else can be happy, but not you. Also clears beliefs around “this works for everyone but me” and all shock and trauma from the experiences and patterns that have proven these beliefs to you, across all time, in the DNA and collective.
Root Chakra Alignment
Clearing trauma held in the root chakra from womb to age 5, and ancestral trauma inherited into the root chakra. Clearing FEAR. Bringing in the knowledge and understanding of safety, Bringing in the energy of being grounded, nourished, health, home, prosperity, family and trust.
Week Six: Align & Activate
Andarian Earth Green
This Alignment brings in the frequency of Heaven on Earth, Unconditional Love and Compassion. It assists in expanding your abundance consciousness and removing feelings of lack. It connects you with the infinite and abundant heart of Gaia. It brings in the energy of growth, assisting in new beginnings and creations. This alignment also heals and activates the heart chakra.
Abundance of the Ocean
We can tap into abundance that is as vast as the ocean. This brings in that knowledge and energy, as well as tapping us into the unlimited abundance on the planet
Raise Your Money Ceiling
This alignment will raise your money ceiling, your abundance meter. Each time you run this alignment it will raise your money ceiling incrementally. When receiving this alignment, it can be helpful to imagine a dial and turning this dial up, or a ceiling raising, or thermostat raising.
Highest Intentions
This Alignment is to be used to infuse an object, picture, etc with the energy of your intentions. Example: you can “charge” a crystal, candle, picture or any other object with this alignment to hold your intentions and send them out into the universe in the highest and best way, clearing all blocks and resistance to having/doing/being and stepping into this intention.
This Alignment brings you Creator’s perspective on Money, and connects you to the purest energy of money. It also clears negative beliefs around money, the energy of money, old stories about money, genetic and collective views on money and all shock and trauma around the energy of money the misuse of money, trauma around not having enough money, money being used as a form of power, control or manipulation.  When I was receiving this alignment I kept getting an image of Jesus overturning the moneychangers tables, so this is also clearing religious beliefs about money including the belief that money is the “source of all evil”.
You Can Have It All
This Alignment brings in the knowledge, understanding and perspective that YOU CAN have it all!! Clearing any fears about having to chose, about losing one thing if you have another (losing love is you become wealthy, etc) Brings in what it feels like to have it all, that you are worthy and safe to have it all! Clears the judgement, punishment, jealousy around having it all.
Goddess Lakshmi Activation  
Lakshmi is the bringer of riches in every sense of the word. This is prosperity beyond your imaginings and Abundance of the Heavens. Nothing is out of reach. You’ll experience a richness and expansion in your life that includes a wealth of time, health, love and money.
Aina is the Hawaiian word for “Land” …the land is sacred here. This alignment connects you to the sacred lands of the Earth, and resolves oaths, vows, contracts and curses attached to specific places, also clearing trauma associated with specific places, from all lifetimes, from the collective and inherited in the DNA.
This alignment connects and grounds you into Mother Earth, bringing in her unconditional love and support, and taps you into the infinite wisdom, wealth, knowledge and abundance held in the Earth.
Blessings of the Rain
I received this alignment in the center of the island of Kauai in Hawaii, during a rain. This alignment brings in the vibration of the rain coming after a drought, the feast after a famine. You can also use this alignment to send the energy of rain to anywhere that needs it on this planet.
This brings in the energy of miracles, and allows us to see the miracles that surround us, as well as the belief and ability to create miracles daily.
This alignment clears negative beliefs about “black magic” as well as trauma associated with all forms of “black magic” from all lifetimes and timelines, bringing in the energy of good magic, and any magical abilities and knowledge that lie dormant or forgotten. Giving you the ability to create magic.

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