Become an Abundance Magnet

4 week series

Wednesdays March 1-22, 2017 @ 5pm PST- 7pm CST- 8pm EST

Mother Earth
This will ground and connect you into the heart of Mother Earth, allowing you to feel her abundant love. It will strengthen your ability to communicate with the natural elements of this wonderful planet, with animals and with elemental beings, such as fairies. It will allow you to feel the unity of all that exists in our realm and to be more fully present in your body while also connecting to your Higher Self.

Central Sun
This activation connects us to the energy of the Central Sun, which is near Sirius, past our solar system. The Central Sun is the great I AM energy. We could not do anything without this Sun.

Why Bother? Deactivation.
So many people say “why bother. I’ll just fail again.” This deactivation brings you out of that defeatist attitude of failure and gives you the knowing that you can succeed and the failure programs. We have set up fail safes to keep us from feeling the pain of failure

Millionaire Collective Consciousness
Plugging you into the vibration of the collective consciousness of being a millionaire.

Busting Loose From the Money Game
This is several activation in a series/class. This will teach you how to feel supported, financially and will teach you how to be the creator of your reality.

Money And Time
 If you try to make a lot of money it will take all your time and you have no time to do anything else. This is a program. Wouldn’t you like to be free of the feeling that you have to work long, hard hours to make money?

I am Rich
This activation gives you the knowing that everything you may ever need will come to you at the right time and helps you to be open to receive it when it comes. It also helps you appreciate what you already have. If there is something you need to do actively to create things in your life, it gives you the knowing what it is you need to do, and helps you so that you can do it easily.

Golden Radiance of Nature Remembrance
of who we are. Ability to ground and connect with and into Gaia more deeply.

God’s Truth
This activation allows you to really step into God’s Truth, that you are directly connected to THE SOURCE and are always connected. This is pure understanding of knowledge and truth. You embody all God’s senses: sight, sound, know, feel and taste. You are part of The Source Energy, manifesting with Grace and Ease.

False Belief Deactivation
This deactivation clears out the false beliefs that you have that you cannot survive, you can’t succeed, you can’t be loved, etc

Doubt Deactivation
Resolves and dissolves doubt

Divine Will
Are you living in your ego? Are you afraid of receiving your highest good. What will change in your life if you get everything that you deserve? Are you ready to live in your Divine Will?

Divine Order
This activation helps when you find it hard to keep order and clean up in your home, when you collect clutter and household tasks are a drag for you. It helps you clean out unnecessary stuff and it also helps to know which stuff is necessary and which you can discard. Also it gives you the knowing how much you need, which often is much less than we think. It disconnects you from belief structures of lack which lead to hoarding, and it makes the housework much more easy and enjoyable.

Diamond Light Matrix
The Diamond with its multi-prismed, multi-faceted, sacred geometry expresses the life force of the Universe from the Source within, the Diamond Lights of your Soul and Source. The Diamond can be utilized by us to attune us to Source within our Heart, the

Diamond of the Unseen
, the multi-faceted, multi- dimensional Diamond of our true essence with the filaments of Light, the Holograms of our Love that radiate rainbows of life force/light creating worlds within worlds. The Diamond allows us to experience our multidimensional self while still in a physical body and assists us to activate the cellular memory and DNA as we open up to our expanded awareness and purpose, our vision and clarity, inner strength and union our radiance, we are a Diamond.

De-prision Activation
Clears you profoundly on core energetic levels of all conscious, subconscious energies of self or other imposed imprisonment including all oaths, vows, known and unknown – we create our own inner and outer prisons. This activation give you the knowing it is safe to leave your prison without the need to escape because there is no longer a prison.

Deed not Words
This activation helps you to grow to a place of committing your goals into action, rather than just talking about them, but depending on whether there are pre-existing issues related to fear of change/fear of taking action/fear of being you/fear of the truth, there could be several layers to getting there. The path to walking your talk is on one hand to speak your truth, but also that you learn to stop communicating things to others and the work that aren’t your truth i.e. meaningless chatter and gossip

Abundance Connection
There are times when we are entangled in the programs & conditioning of society, religion, family, community & the collective consciousness of the cycles & patterns of lack which prevent the flow of abundance into our lives. This Sacred Activation clears out all of those belief systems & reconnects you to what the essence of Abundance is by connecting you to the feelings & the energy of what Abundance truly is

Yesterday’s News
This activation helps you disconnect from your past so you don’t recreate the same events in your future clearing your sub consciousness and frees your genetics.

What if Miracles Happen
Miracles are a big deal in our society, but they should be a normal part of life. What if miracles did happen? What would you do? How would it affect you? How would you act?

This activation allows you to remember all of your past lives and see your future lives. You’ll have an understanding of who you truly are as a being of light. This activation is done in the Akashic Records

Saint Germaine Activation
This activation brings the energy of Saint Germaine and the Violet Flame into our lives, empowering our healing and ascension and raising the vibration of all our thoughts, words and deeds.

Thorn of Hearts Ultimate Release: Oaths, Values, Commitments, and Contracts
– We’ll be clearing blood oaths that you may have made over your lifetime, including collective consciousness oaths, tribal and genetic consciousness oaths, vows or bargains that you have made which are in your past lives and are no longer necessary, and any other commitments and contracts which affect you—and keep you from seeing any money at end of the proverbial tunnel.

Living in the Matrix
This activation helps you live within the Matrix, but not of it. It frees you from the “game” of life and allows you to master life while living on earth.

Sacred Power
This releases fears of stepping into your sacred power and becoming the person you are meant to be. It will empower you to express your life force with authenticity and confidence.

This activation is a step up from Mother Earth activation and connects you with the higher elements of fire, water, earth and air

Creators Truth
This is both an activation and a de-activation as it unplugs you from the human grid of fear and plugs you into the 7th plane of ”The Truth”, so you can be in your power and the truth, free of being controlled by the fear of the group consciousness. As you may know, we are all connected in a grid that surrounds the earth so we pick up on the group consciousness.

Things get Worse Before They Get Better
In our fear based culture many believe that things will get worse before they ever get any better and that it is destined that life will be hard or that we must suffer. This deactivation removes this collective belief.

The Grass is Always Greener
Do you find it difficult to remain happy and satisfied with the life you’re living and constantly think that if only you were doing something else somewhere else you’d be happy? This activation brings you the peace of mind and clarity to know that happiness is within you and you can be happy right where you are.

Struggle to Survive
disconnect from the collective consciousness and the feeling of the need to struggle to survive

Sacred Blueprint
This aligns you with your true self and your purpose I life. It will give you the knowledge of what you are here to do, and the courage to act without fear or delay. This activation lines up your Flower of Life in Sacred Geometry and connects you to your Divine Blueprint and to the heart chakras of Mother Earth and the Central Sun allowing you to actualize your mission with clarity and power

Need to Know
Our need to know stems from our lack of faith. We don’t really believe Creator has our back, so we always need to know what’s around the corner in order to feel safe. This activation restores your faith in the process of life and Creator.

Galactic Federation
This activation brings you into alignment with our Galactic Family (GF). It aligns you in such a way that you’re able to cocreate with the Galactic Federation and be an active participant in Gaia’s changes during this historical time

Release from Government Assistance
This activation is about feeling disempowered and the fear of moving forward without being reliant on government assistance. This activation will give you faith in yourself and God.

Playing it Small
This activation helps you understand and acknowledge your place in the world. By owning your skills and abilities you no longer have to play small to help others feel empowered or important. This activations gives you a clearer understanding of boundaries.

Plugging into your Creation
What would you like to create in your life? Do you have areas that need improvement? This activation will help you unplug from unwanted life experiences and plug into a creation of your choosing. Be the Master your were meant to be and create your life anew.

Deactivate Control of Advertisements
Advertisements are another form of brainwashing, which is disempowering because you are not connected to the information in your heart. Instead you rely on what you are told you should think or need. Also you will be disconnected from the lies and negativity of advertisements.

Falling Down The Ladder
If you are constantly trying to get people to come with you. You learn new things, going to higher vibrations and people around you are still in the lower vibrations. You can’t create what you truly desire because you are waiting for others to catch up to you

Genie in a Bottle
This activation will clear the belief that there is only so much good to go around It removes this belief and the associated beliefs so we can welcome in all the good life has on offer as if we had our own Genie in a bottle to make our dreams come true.  

Get in the Vortex of Creation of Abundance
The vortex of creating abundance in your life is an energy that we can plug into. Plug into the collective consciousness of abundance.

Competition and Lack
this deactivation disconnects you from competition, lack and limitation giving you the knowing that you can have anything you desire and that there is plenty for all.

Polar Opposite
This allows new pathways of unconditional love to replace the negative pathways in the brain by focusing on the programs that are constantly running unconsciously. These stop you from achieving clarity and calmness as well as money.

The sub-consciousness of Humanity is like a motherboard in a computer that we can connect and disconnect to. We can consciously choose how to and what to connect to for any desired outcome. This activation will create new pathways for the things you would like to manifest in your life.

Death and Taxes
This activation is about the limits you put on yourself regarding your ability to make money

Fear of Taxes
This activation disconnects you from the fear of earning too much because you are afraid of having to pay taxes. This is another layer of the Debtor Prison and Authority Power Disconnection activations.

Fear of Change
This activation clears your fear from your genetics and the collective consciousness as well as your belief system

Glass Ceiling
This activation is about the limits you’ve put on yourself regarding success in any area of your life. This activation will clear the limits and bring in unlimited success

LEAP Forward with Ease and Grace
In this time of spiritual growth on our planet, we sometimes feel we are not growing fast enough. This activation quickens your growth and helps propel you forward.

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