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Get Your FREE Sacred Soul Alignments to Magnetize Success & Abundance in Your Life & Business

Connect into the limitless power of All That Is for lasting confidence, unconditional love & magnetic personal power

Elysia Hartzell

You are power, beauty, magic and mystery.

You are a miracle of light and love.

And you were born for greatness

For joy, for freedom, for abundance, for love.

Beautiful Soul, it’s time to live this truth.

I’ll show you how...

Let’s do this, together!


Free Activate Your Magnetism

Magnetize Success & Abundance in Your Life & Business by connecting into the limitless power of All That Is for lasting confidence, unconditional love & magnetic personal power

Sacred Soul Alignment Certification

A life-changing modality & certification training that will transform you into a powerful certified energy practitioner and soul healer

Sacred Soul Offerings

Become a Masterful Manifestor with these magical healing courses that will help you create a life and business of your dreams

I can’t say enough amazing things about Elysia! I’ve worked with her both privately and in group calls. Whenever I work with Elysia in any way, I make my investment back. It’s absolutely incredible and so rare. Very few healers have her level of integrity. Whether she is a teaching, healing, or holding space, she is amazing at it all. Within two sessions with her I manifested a 4k project! But more importantly, she inspires me to be a better person and a better healer, everyday. I highly recommend anything she makes.

Dora Rodrigues

I have had the pleasure of taking several courses from Elysia and she is simply amazing. She is very patient and explains everything in detail. I am also blessed to be one Of Elysia’s Certified Soul Alignment ™ practitioner and this is one of the best investment that I have done in my business and for myself. This was the missing piece that I needed to officially launch my healing business as well as to download the missing piece in bringing my own healing modality into the world, it has allowed me to release some past life stuff that was holding me back. It has given me a clear direction in where I am heading in my life and business. I have seen magic happen to not just me but my clients. Elysia is such a gifted healer, spiritual teacher and mentor. It has been a true blessing to work with Elysia not only in her certification program but as well as in several of her group and online courses. Thank you Elysia for being one of my earth angels and goddess. I am so blessed to have you in my life as one of my mentors.

Patricia LeBlanc

Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher,

Working with Elysia this year has been such a positive experience. I watched several of her live videos and liked her energy so much that when she released her Embracing The Goddess Within group program in May I knew I had to be part of it. She didn’t disappoint. The information and alignments were amazing. Because of that experience I bought Parts 1 & 2 of her self paced Aligned Ascension program. The sacred activations are very powerful and her voice is pleasant to listen to. This led me to sign up for her Sacred Soul Alignment Program that started in September. This is when I truly learned how amazing Elysia is. She is a fabulous teacher. She is patient and thorough. She makes sure everyone’s questions are answered and no one gets left behind. She really cares about the people in her courses. She even went out of her way to record a healing for my daughter who was sick. I have nothing but kind things to say about Elysia. She runs her business with both heart and integrity. I would highly recommend working with her.

Sandra Goss Mayeux

Before I joined Elysia’s Group, I never heard of Theta Healing. I wasn’t sure if I even believed in energy work, and what I did do I never really saw any real results from. I didn’t feel or see anything different. But a close girlfriend of mine, ranted and raved so much that I gave her a chance. I started listening to the program, it was 7 day cleanse. And…I loved Elysia! Such a beautiful, genuine, caring person. teacher/guide. And then, something really amazing happened. It actually worked! My goal was energetic. I felt like for the first time in my life, I could differentiate between what feeling were mine, and what belonged to someone else and keep mine separate. Which for me is huge! The second part was actually disconnecting from my past energetically. So I could feel how I feel now, instead of how I felt. And I could move forward, just me into whatever future I chose. I am much happier. And an even larger miracle for me. I’m currently learning the Sacred Soul Alignment Modality, not bad for a skeptic right? I am so excited for this new life path and future ahead of me. So if you’re thinking about working with Elysia. I’d do it, I’d do it a million times over.


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