7 Day Power Cleanse


Over 7 days, you will receive 7 different clearings in the form of 30-40 minute guided meditations in which I walk you into the theta brain state, into the 7th plane and clear blocks, beliefs, energies, entities, hooks, cords, attachments, oaths, vows, contracts and more. You can listen to these over and over to receive deeper layers of healing.

“I can not properly verbalize what the 7 day cleanse has done for me! All I can say is that amazing things have happened for me during the cleanse, I started over again yesterday to continue this phenomenal healing!! It feels as if a spiritual bomb was set off in my chakras and I’m left with a higher vibration than I’ve ever experienced. Thank you Elysia once again for working your magic!!” -Shani

“That meditation of cleansing was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. As it was clearing entities, I felt something heavy on my forehead and suddenly it got pulled! Then when you said unconditional love to be placed on empty places, I felt all that unconditional love filled my forehead. I wonder who or what was there. I feel so much better.”

“Thank you Elysia from the bottom of my heart.┬áThere was definitely something attached to me. My week got all booked thru the weekend and next week I’m overbooked so I had to ask a colleague to help me out!!!!!!!!! I’m shocked at how quickly energy moved!” -Andrea

Day 1:
Psychic Energy Cleanse

Clearing Entities, Attachments, Hooks and Cords

Calling back Soul Fragments and returning Your Power

Cleanse and Protect Shield
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Day 2:
Cord cutting/Energetic Disconnect

Dissolving Oaths, Vows, Contracts

Dissolving vows to carry pain, trauma, sickness for family members and ancestors

Dissolving vows to pay for the mistakes of the past, including past lives, and mistakes of the Family
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Day 3:
Loving Yourself

Worthiness Beliefs


Safety being seen, heard, known, understood, loved for who you are

Safety to Shine Your Brilliance
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Day 4:
Clearing Blocks to Abundance of Money and Time
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Day 5:

What it feels like to be perfectly healthy, blocks to allowing perfect health

What it feels like to be safe at ideal weight, blocks to being at ideal weight

What it feels like to be vibrantly ALIVE
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Day 6:

What it feels like to be loved, adored, cherished, treasured admired, loved unconditionally

What it feels like to love and be loved

Blocks in the way of creating your ideal authentic most loving relationships
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Day 7:
Creating the Life you desire

Becoming a Co-Creator of your life

Living in your power and truth

Blocks to fully living the life you desire, in your power and truth
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