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Elysia Hartzell

You are power, beauty, magic and mystery.

You are a miracle of light and love.

And you were born for greatness

For joy, for freedom, for abundance, for love.

Beautiful Soul, it’s time to live this truth.

I’ll show you how...

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Elysia is the most amazing healer I have experienced. She is amazing – she immediately connects with me and picks up on my energy accurately. I don’t know how she does but she tunes in – in a such a clear way that I can’t put it into words. It is incredible. I have cleared so much stuff – I can’t believe I have been carrying so much emotional crap all these years. The clearing has made an impact in my life that I’m so grateful for. Not to mention she is so sweet, compassionate and makes you feel at ease and understood. Elysia is definitely gifted.

Andrea D.


Working with Elysia has been one of the best modalities for healing I have ever done. She was spot on in her ability to help me face what was hidden from my conscious mind. I love her nonjudgmental, supportive, and keen guidance to encourage moving forward in life. Her coaching was well worth the investment in myself and my family and I will be forever grateful our lives and journey have crossed in such a powerful and positive manner. Elysia you are a gift to humanity.



I just had a Theta Healing session yesterday with Elysia and I want to say wow in as many languages as possible. I’ve been on the path of Spirit since very early on, living in India studying ancient healing techniques. As a fellow healer/channel who’s been practicing for years-it’s an absolute pleasure when I find a talented energy worker (seems too small an expression) who so quickly dissolves truly stubborn core issues. I’m not only grateful, but am going to be a repeat client. We need people who can go deep-our tribe of champions who help us all step into our brightest light. This is priceless.

Ariane N.

Absolutely blown away. More than blown away. I’ve had intuitives pinpoint things about my life before, but never the way Elysia did. She picked up on things about my life that not even my closest friends know. We dug deep and got to the core of why I am the way I am, and I can honestly say I am now more relieved and open than I have ever been. I feel healed on a DEEP level. I feel understanding and close to myself…something i’ve never felt….ever. She immediately clued in to certain events in my life that not even my closest friends know. Talk about digging deep. She helped me release deep feelings and things i’ve carried since infancy, and now I have this crazy sense of freedom within myself. I’ve never felt more close and open and appreciative of myself than I do now. It’s a pretty intense & unfamiliar sensation. I’m grateful beyond words for her and her skill in this work. It’s a free feeling that I can’t find the words for. And now I feel more worthy and *ready* for good than I ever have. This woman is phenomenal. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like i’ve found my lifelong coach.

Richone C.