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~ Discover  your Divine Gifts and Purpose and put an end to self-sabotage?

~ Remove negative beliefs and blocks that are holding you back and sabotaging your current reality (including those from past lives or childhood)?

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Elysia is the most amazing healer I have experienced. She is amazing – she immediately connects with me and picks up on my energy accurately. I don’t know how she does but she tunes in – in a such a clear way that I can’t put it into words. It is incredible. I have cleared so much stuff – I can’t believe I have been carrying so much emotional crap all these years. The clearing has made an impact in my life that I’m so grateful for. Not to mention she is so sweet, compassionate and makes you feel at ease and understood. Elysia is definitely gifted.

~Andrea D., California

Working with Elysia has been one of the best modalities for healing I have ever done. She was spot on in her ability to help me face what was hidden from my conscious mind. I love her nonjudgmental, supportive, and keen guidance to encourage moving forward in life. Her coaching was well worth the investment in myself and my family and I will be forever grateful our lives and journey have crossed in such a powerful and positive manner. Elysia you are a gift to humanity.

~Katrina, California